International Journal of Institutional Leadership, Policy and Management


Volume 6 Issue 2, 2024


1.   Entrepreneurial studies in Nigerian public universities and national development: a case study of University of Benin,

      Benin City Nigeria.

      Famous-Izedonmi, B. O.


2.   Leadership and economic development for nation building.

      Obeten, O. O., Okoringa, N., & Ossai, V. O.


3.    Innovative and transformational leadership for national development.

       Ibe, P. O., & Tiger, T. H.


4.    Principals’ digital competence for effective administration of public senior secondary schools in Rivers State, Nigeria.

       Ese, I. J., & Okai, N. O.


5.    Effective leadership for peace and security management.

       Haastrup, T. A., & Nwakibea, F. I.


6.    Delocalization and commercialization of university education for sustainable development in South-South, Nigeria:

       Lessons for Central America and the Caribbean.

       Famous-Izedonmi, B. O., & Afangideh, S. T.


7.    Teachers’ attitudes to work and pupils’ personality traits development in public primary schools in

       Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area, Rivers State.

       Wadi, W. B., & Godfrey-Kalio, I. A.